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How To Infuse Whiskey

by Jim Passantino December 28, 2022 3 min read

How To Infuse Whiskey

The whiskey and bourbon renaissance is roaring, and infused whisky is leading the charge. Infused whiskey gives whiskey and bourbon connoisseurs unlimited options to craft their perfect pour which matches their specific taste. 

Before we get into the recipe, lets recap a few of the benefits of using kits like the Whiskey Infusion Kit to age and flavor whiskey.

Benefits of Infusing Whiskey or Bourbon

First whiskey gets most of it's color and flavor from the charred oak barrels which it's aged in.  This process takes years for the whiskey to absorb and process the flavor from the interior of the oak cask. 

In a similar way, taking smaller amounts of whiskey, such as a 750ml bottle, and adding the right wood chips exposes more whiskey surface to chips in a smaller amount of time, thereby expediting the aging process. 

In theory, aging whiskey in smaller amounts and exposing more whiskey to the wood by using chips, can turn an inexpensive bottle into a top shelf liquor.  

In addition to the benefit of aging whiskey with wood chips, the chips add flavor from woods such as cherry wood, peach wood, oak, pecan, and hickory.  Much in the same way different woods produce subtle differences when used in smoking meats, the same principle applies to flavoring whiskey.

The second benefit of whiskey infusion kits comes with the unlimited flavors which can be added to change the taste of the whiskey.  Herbs, spices, fruits and more are all great for infusing whiskey.  How much of each flavor depends on the final desired taste. 

Larger amounts over a longer period of time will allow the whiskey to absorb more of the flavor.  For whiskey drinkers who thoroughly enjoy the original flavor of whiskey, infusions can add a hint of flavor in just 24 hours.

Why Do People Infuse Whiskey?

Whiskey and bourbon connoisseurs love the never ending pursuit of finding the perfect pour.  There is never enough whiskey in their liquor cabinet.  The hunt for elusive bottles is part of the fun. 

Whiskey infusion kits allow whiskey lovers to experiment with different flavor combinations and taste them in a short amount of time, typically just 48 hours.  Some infusion kits come with flavors included, while others have just the equipment components and require the user to come up with their own ingredients.

Whiskey infusion kits have also evolved so they don't take up much space in the home bar, where bar space is limited.  Everything is easy to clean, boxes up nicely and can be stored in drawer space. 

How to Get Started With Your First Whiskey Infusion

First, purchase a high quality infusion kit such as the Whiskey Infusion Kit from Aged & Charred.  Cheap kits always come with a cost.  If you're not paying for it with money, you will likely pay with time and frustration related to cleaning the kit, leaks, or just poor results.  A high quality kit should come packaged in a nice gift box, be simple to use, and easy to clean.

Here's a simple recipe to get started:

Pecan And Orange Infused Rye Whiskey


  • 750ml bottle of rye bourbon whiskey; We recommend Bulleit Rye
  • 2 tbsp pecan wood chips
  • 2 tbsp dried orange peel

Instructions to Infuse Whiskey

  1. Add wood chips and orange peel to infusion basket
  2. Attach basket and base to infusion bottle
  3. Add whiskey to infusion vessel until full
  4. Agitate vessel to release any air bubbles
  5. Agitate vessel 2x per day to move the whiskey through the basket
  6. Allow infusion to rest 48 hours then taste
  7. Once the infused bourbon whiskey reaches the desired flavor, transfer it to a container or back into original bottle for storage and dispose of infusion ingredients

Recipe Notes

  • The longer the ingredients rest in the bottle the more flavor they will produce.
  •  Mason jars work great for storage and labeling infusions


 Enjoy your infused bourbon whiskey!  Cheers from Aged & Charred.

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