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We are Aged & Charred

Welcome to Aged & Charred, a home for products to enrich your whiskey and craft cocktail drinking experience. From entry level starter kits for smoking cocktails one drink at a time to more sophisticated smoke barrels for smoking multiple drinks at a time, our variety of cocktail smokers provides an option for every shopper. Our Smoke Lids, Smoke Barrel, and wood chips were designed by whiskey drinkers for whiskey drinkers. We hope to bring the taste and experience of craft cocktail bars into the comfort of your own home. Enjoy a smoked old fashioned, manhattan, whiskey neat, and even rum, tequila or another of your favorite cocktails.

Check out the winners from our recipe testing on our blog. Experiment and add smoke to different smoked mocktails, cocktails, and more. Arguable the best cocktail smokers, ours are great for entertaining guests, wowing your dinner party and so much more. Dazzle them with a drinking experience they will never forget. Shopping for a great gift? Our whiskey smokers are packaged in handsome boxes perfect for gift giving, and the product contents were designed with the character whiskey and bourbon drinks demand. They are not made of clunky plastic parts which are difficult to use. Each cocktail smoking kit and smoke barrel is made from 100% oak. Choose from 12 varieties of wood smoking chips to find the perfect smoky flavor to complement for your bourbon or other spirited concoction. Our products look great on the home bar whether they are in use or not, and store away easily.


The team at Aged & Charred