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7 Best Smoked Cocktails You Can Drink Anytime

by Owen Ingalls May 16, 2022 4 min read

7 Best Smoked Cocktails You Can Drink Anytime

Smoking not only entices the senses, but also takes the old-fashioned cocktail to a new level of flavor and comfort. The visual attraction and the aroma of smoke, combined with its delicate infusion into your favorite cocktail, creates a 3-dimensional experience.

The art of smoking smooths and blends ingredients into perfect harmony. The depth and complexity of a smoky cocktail are simply sensational! 

If you're looking for some new recipes to spice up your next dinner party, look no further. Here are 7 smoked cocktail recipes you have to try.

What To Burn To Smoke Your Cocktail

Herbs and spices create an earthy aromatic, while wood chips infuse subtle complementary flavors. Woods that smoke exceptionally well include hickory, cherry, maple, oak, and applewood.

Wood Chips or shavings, work well with spirit-forward cocktails such as Manhattans, Martinis, and Old-Fashioned's. Alternatively, sour cocktails smoke robustly with nuts, fruit, and herbs.

You can choose from an array of ingredients to smoke. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Wood Chips/Shavings
  • Whole spices
  • Teas
  • Nuts
  • Fruit
  • Weedy herbs like rosemary, lavender, thyme, and sage

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Ways To Smoke Your Cocktail

Various smoking techniques are available, depending on your budget and time. From a homemade smoking box or a hand-held smoking gun, to simply torching your garnish of citrus or herbs. Any of these methods can be used in the comfort of your own home, to dazzle guests at your next dinner party, or simply to fire up your relaxing evening.

Three ways to add smoke to your favorite cocktail include:

  1. Smoke-rinse your glass- pumping smoke directly into your upside-down cocktail glass
  2. Smoke-rinse the entire cocktail – fill your decanter with smoke then pour in your cocktail, and 
  3. Double-boil a batch – sitting your cocktail container within a bowl of ice, near the smoker 

7 Smoky Cocktail Recipes To Try At Home

1. Smokey Old-Fashioned

Try this modern twist to the age-old classic, the Old-Fashioned. To your favorite whiskey drop, add Jack Daniels, and the sweet lift of maple syrup. A dash of bitters brings the sweet-sour harmony into balance. Hickory wood chips are burnt in a smoking gun or your smoke top.

The smoke is then pumped into your upside-down cocktail glass. After several moments, up-end the glass and decant your prepared cocktail. Sit back and enjoy this reimagined, smooth classic. This is also a great camping cocktail.

See our smoked Old-Fashioned recipe.

2. Smoked Manhattan 

This timeless favorite is energized by the fruity tones of apple smoke. Starting with your choice of bourbon (bourbon is great for smoked drinks), add a drop of sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters. Using the smoke-rinse method, infuse the empty cocktail glass with smoked apple chips. Decant your cocktail mix, stir for 30 seconds then rest for 3-5 minutes.

See our smoked Manhattan recipe.

3. Smoky Harvest Apple Cider Margarita

Elevate the palate with this smoke-infused recreation. To your base of Mezcal, add the sweet orange liqueur and a dash of apple cider. The sweetness of maple syrup brings perfect balance and harmony to this blend. Pour the blend into a sugar-frosted glass. Immerse a smoking cinnamon stick into the glass. A refreshing experience that transports you back to the joys of summer!

4. Smoked Rose Cocktail

Aromatics and the woody smoke of rosemary, recreate your favorite whiskey. To your nip of whiskey, add a shot of Green Chartreuse liqueur, followed by a dash of rosemary syrup. Pour this blend into your smoke-filled cocktail glass. 

5. Rum & Smoke

Warm up on a cold, winter’s night with this sweet and nutty drop. Start with your rum base, add a drop of Oloroso sherry and Tempus Fugit’s Gran Classico bitter. Harmonize the blend with the sweet syrup of rosemary. Garnish the cocktail with a submerged, burnt rosemary sprig.

6. Smoke on the Water

A twist to the classic Margarita, with fruity tones and a woody smoke infusion. Select your favorite Mezcal, and add a shot of Cointreau. Follow with a splash of watermelon juice, and the sweet-sour balance of hibiscus syrup and lime juice. Decant into your cocktail glass and garnish with a burnt rosemary sprig. 

7. Smoked Gin

Recharge this aged favorite with an infusion of smoked botanicals. Start with your choice dry gin, add a drop of Campari, and sweet vermouth. Above your cocktail glass, hold a citrus peel near a flaming match.

Squeeze the peel to expel the citrus misted over the glass. As the flame dies, immerse your smoked citrus peel into your cocktail. This infusion of smoky citrus essentials will charge your favorite gin with zing and jazz!

Final Thoughts

Capture your senses and imagination with the art of ‘smoking’. From the aromatics of smoked applewood, to the earthy notes of rosemary - smoke infusion will take your favorite cocktails, to the next level.

Recreation of these classics will allow you to dazzle your dinner guests, whilst also providing that ‘me’ moment to kick back and simply enjoy. Start smoking your cocktails today!

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