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Holiday Cocktail #3: Smoked Hot Toddy

by Jim Passantino December 14, 2021 1 min read

Smoked hot toddy anyone?  🙋‍♂️ Yes, please.  It's like medicine for the whiskey soul.  In fact, someone many, many years ago came up with this recipe as a home remedy for the common cold, and whiskey lovers everywhere believed them whole-heartedly.  No reason to wait for the cold to hit you though.  This (temperature) hot drink goes down great anytime.  
Four simple ingredients, one of which is water and shouldn't count, and you have yourself a classic winter-time cocktail.  Better yet, these are ingredients many of you already have at home.  Throw in the cinnamon stick as a 5th ingredient if you want to make it fancy.  (If you haven't already noticed, we take all of our favorite cocktails, add a cinnamon stick, and call them holiday cocktails.)  


  • 4oz boiling water (or tea)
  • 2oz bourbon whiskey 
  • 3/4oz light honey (may substitute maple syrup)
  • large lemon wedge
  • cinnamon stick


    • Bring 4oz of water to boil, remove from heat and pour in coffee mug.  Some people like to substitute tea for water in this step.
    • Add bourbon and honey to the 4oz of water  Stir until honey dissolves.
    • Squeeze lemon wedge into glass and drop in the lemon wedge as well.
    • Garnish with cinnamon stick and give it a few swirls to flavor the drink with cinnamon.
    • Smoke the drink with Smoke Lid from Aged & Charred.   Allow smoke to settle on top of drink for 10-20 seconds and serve.

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